Summer Smiles: Keep your child’s smile safe this summer

Ziua_PacalelilorUse these four ‘fun in the sun’ dental tips to have your child smiling all summer long! 

As the weather continues to heat up, the season to smile is fast approaching and that now means there are even more reasons to care for your child’s smile. Enjoy the sunshine, sports and summery treats but without damaging any pearly whites. Kick back and relax with these four tips.


1. Heavy on the Hydration

Substitute sugary sports drinks for water this summer. Water is the healthier option for not only your child’s smile but your child’s overall health. Sugary drinks produce acid that causes tooth decay and can lead to other health issues such as obesity, diabetes and more. So this summer make sure to always include a bottle of water with your child.

2. Summer Snacking

Popsicles, ice cream, candy and more. Summer is a time for not only enjoying the sunshine but all of the sweet treats. However, too many sweets will cause tooth decay or tooth erosion. Switch out the sweets for fresh fruit, veggies or homemade fruit popsicles. A healthier smile is a sign of a healthier lifestyle.

3. Mouth Guards are your friend

With sports camps and games coming up, it’s time for your child to get a new mouth guard. Inexpensive and customizable, mouth guards can protect your child’s teeth and prevent jaw clenching. Make sure to continue to remake and customize the mouth guard if your child is still losing teeth.

4. Dental Check-Ups 

Summer is a surprising and busy time. So be sure to get your child in for a check-up with a dentist to take care of any minor or major issues. To find an affordable dentist nearest you visit or call 617. 859.1777 and we’ll do it!

Now partake in the summertime fun with your child and enjoy the sunshine and the smiles.


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